Agronomists solve problems.

We build tools to help agronomists quickly transform their own so that they can solve problems and effectively communicate information.


Creating Value with YOUR Data

Ag Analytics sounds intimidating, but you are already doing analytics when you create reports and recommendations for customers.

With our help, you can transform your observations across fields and seasons, supplemented with weather and other data, into trusted information and insights. You don't need to give up control of your data to learn from it.

Methods and tools of data science and analytics help you: 

  • Minimize time processing observations
  • Efficiently communicate information 
  • Enable ongoing learning to optimize decisions 

Ultimately, we are here to help crop consultants use ag analytics to increase the value being delivered to customers. 


Our Formula for Ag Analytics

For analytics to be successful, it takes a thoughtful approach to which data to consider, and the user's experience and intuition need to be applied. 

The Right Person

The agronomist is the focal point for our products and services.

You know your fields and you understand the uncertainty inherent in the agriculture industry.

Your valuable experience in the field is a critical asset to properly interpret and use information and insights derived from your observations.

Processes the Right Data

Use the data you trust, the observations that you collected in your field visits.

It's not all about "Big Data." Quality and relevance are more important than quantity. In fact, adding more data when it's not necessary decreases the value of the analysis.

In many cases, a proper ag analysis will consider your observations on scouting data and other field operations, supplemented with data recorded on equipment, and weather data.

data chart

With the Right Tools

Our products and services minimize the time required to clean and summarize your data- no more spending hours in spreadsheets.

Then on top of your observations, we leverage the power of machine learning to enable efficient communication and learning using your observations and other data.

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