Introducing DXD Ag Insights

One underutilized resource in ag analytics is the pest and crop observations that were collected by agronomists under the cold rains in the spring, the hot sun of August, and everywhere in between. However, these observations are all too often put on the shelf once the immediate use- a recommendation or crop status report- is completed.

Agronomists intuitively know that these records could be used to create value, such as helping understand something about field performance or improving communication with customers. However, the tools to efficiently translate those observations into information and insights are inaccessible to most agronomists. Today, it just takes too much time to go through all of those observations.

We are here to help.

Our Approach

DXD Ag Insights is building products and services founded on data science to enable agronomists to investigate their own scouting observations and more quickly extract the trusted recommendations, reports, and advice that their customers value.

We believe that the formula for success in ag analytics involves placing the agronomists in the process while automating tedious tasks such as combining observations and incorporating weather and equipment data. What data scientists call "domain knowledge” – the agronomist’s knowledge of the uncertainty of agriculture and nuances of fields – is required alongside data science to unlock the value in scouting observations. 

Our Goals

Ultimately, we want to increase the value that agronomists can deliver to their customers. Our products and services are designed to enable the following:

  • Minimize the time required to clean and organize observations into valuable information.
  • Efficiently communicate information and insights to customers during and after the season.
  • Continuously improve decision-making and efficiency.

Our bottom line: We want crop consultants to get more value, faster, from their observations – more reports, faster adaption of recommendations to changing systems, and deeper insights to fine-tune advice and streamline their work. Ultimately, this will lead to new opportunities for agronomists.

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If this sounds interesting to you, we would love to hear about your ideas for ag data analytics, and how we might be able to help your company.

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