GDU 1-20 DAP

Understand Your Data at A Deeper Level

You can quickly drill through the noise to view the data that matters using our custom dashboards.

We'll help you quickly get to the data that matters, and then help you understand the top factors that contributed to field performance.

This is all built to use your own local data because that will be the most relevant data for your decisions.

We are working with a limited number of clients in 2022. To reserve your spot, get in touch today. 

Data Inputs



In-Season Observations

Planting/Harvest Details

Tillage and Treatments

Tillage and Treatments

Soils and Fertility

Explore Your Data


Chart Field Results


Dig into your data- all in one spot

Machine Learning Designed to Help you See the Big Picture

Top contributors

Cut through the noise to identify the most important factors

View impact of specific factors

Identify the impact of your decisions (and weather!)

Visualize Pest Density and Field Performance

Map your data

Map Your Data


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