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Using Data to Understand Field Performance

You have the best data to explain why certain fields overperformed or underperformed your customer's expectations. It's just in multiple systems and often isn't put into useful context...yet.

We are building a field comparison tool that allows you to compare two sets of fields to understand what drove yield and success in some fields versus others. We help you visualize scouting data, operation details, weather data, and soils data.

Our machine learning tools turn this data into insights- helping you understand and communicate the top factors for a field's success.

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How Does a Field Comparison Tool Help Agronomists?

When you understand the differences between groups of fields, you can:

  • Visualize the difference between fields and efficiently communicate with your customer.
  • Prove that emerging practices are successful with real (and local!) production data.
  • Confront the "usual suspects" for field performance. For example, it's not always the variety- soil conditions can override great genetics.


We are developing products that enable agronomists to transform their observations into useful information and insights.

If you are interested in seeing a preview of our products, get in touch below.

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