Agronomy Data Coaching

We'll work with you to set up processes that efficiently collect observations and data so that you can make your data work for you.  Today, our services focus on helping agronomists use the FieldX platform to collect and manage their data.

  • Evaluate relevancy and quality of observations for analytics. 
  • Identify missing data and how to fill those gaps.  
  • Eliminate time and money spent on unnecessary or irrelevant data.
  • Optimize the collection of observations with off-the-shelf software tools.

Identify Gaps in Your Data

Our Data Management Coaching service includes tools to periodically review your progress in managing agricultural data.

We will regularly share simple charts so that you can monitor your fields' progress, and ensure that your team isn't missing critical data! of

Data Management Office Hours


  • Help identify potential goals for using your FieldX data
  • Review the latest FieldX features
  • Recommend resources and next steps for improvement

Data Management Coaching


  • Help identify data management goals 
  • Detailed Review of FieldX Setup
  • Actively help set up journal entry templates
  • Identify key data gaps in data and create a plan to fill them
  • Review data health periodically through the season
  • Data Health Dashboard

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